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WoS spectral display.jpg

The World of SETI (WoS) app is a class project that was done by CMU Master's students (Alan Mak, Anthony Tang, Dia Kharrat, Paul Wong). It is a real-time ATA status display and it draws spectral plots from live SonATA data. It is written in 94% JavaScript and 6% Ruby, and is open source code licensed by the GPL available at GitHub. Two SETI Institute staff mentored the students for this project.

The World of SETI project was completed at the end of April 2011 and it is actively on display in the "fishbowl" at the SETI Institute headquarters.


WoS beam positions.jpg

World of SETI is running in the Firefox web browser and is being displayed on two 55" Vizio HDTV LED LCD monitors. The first WoS screen shows the 3 beams' status, baseline display, and waterfall plot. The second WoS screen shows the Google Sky image where the ATA is pointing, the 3 beam positions, some informational text, and a Hat Creek weather report.

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