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Microsoft World Wide Telescope Viewer

NOTE: MWWT == Microsoft World Wide Telescope

This project is to develop a set of software that controls the Microsoft World Wide Telescope Web control in a web browser and displays information about current and past observations.

Initially we would like to do the following:

  1. All code in Javascript - in one js file
  2. Easy to call from any webpage we develop
  3. Displays the Kepler field
  4. Displays an icon at one or more RA/Dec locations
  5. Zoom into a location
  6. In an on screen info rectangle display an image (typically maybe a waterfall image).
  7. In an on screen info rectangle display information about the object.

With this capability we should be able to create a really nice info display for our large screens at SETI. Also, we can develop a web page that shows in real time what we are viewing, and anyone can view this from their browser.

Initially we can get the capabilities in the above list working as a toolkit. Then we can build upon that and create any type for program we want.

MWWT Web Control

See the MWWT Web Control Reference at

This is a web control you can easily embed into your browser and use Javascript to direct it to display what you want. Not quite as fancy and fast as the Desktop version, but still pretty nice, and much more portable.

The link above gives you all information you need to control the Web Control. With a lot of examples.

How to Start?

  1. Get a few interested people together to work on this.
  2. Flesh out the requirements. Feel free to change the "Initially we would like to do the following" section above.
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