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Digital Signal Processing tools developed at the SETI Institute. The code base is open source and allows a very flexible pipeline approach to analyze setiQuest Data with chained commmand-line invocations. Run the tools as is, in a multitude of configurations or create your own exploratory techniques signal detection and SETI. Also compiles to a DSP library that you can call from your own Python, Ruby, Java, or C++ programs. Contribute to the project by adding documentation or test code or new algorithm code blocks.

The first release of this project was principally supported by a Google through a Google Summer of Code internship for Aditya Bhatt in the summer of 2011. Original project description is at Open Sourcing of Exploratory Techniques for the SETI Search.

At project inception (2010) a few Octave/Matlab programs were developed as prototypes. You can learn more and download these Matlab Algorithms if you prefer this route. The project leaders chose to move to ANSI C after the prototype to gain the benefit of creating a compiled libary of routines more easily called from multiple languages, including MatLab.




Code Blocks

Code Block Listing

Reading material

Setting Up

Download the software from GitHub and compile.


Program help

You can find invocation/usage information about individual programs by invoking them with the -h option.


You can easily run your pipelines inside the bin/ directory, or from elsewhere by putting the bin/ directory into your path.

cat ../../Data/2010-04-02-amc7-3693.4464-8bit-one-second.dat | ./sqsample | ./sqread -c 2 | head -10
-4.100000e+01 2.400000e+01
2.400000e+01 -6.000000e+00
-1.900000e+01 -1.600000e+01
-1.600000e+01 -2.900000e+01
-2.200000e+01 -1.600000e+01
1.000000e+01 2.300000e+01
2.300000e+01 1.300000e+01
-1.200000e+01 -2.400000e+01
-1.700000e+01 -2.600000e+01
-8.000000e+00 2.000000e+01

Create some more instructions that describe how to use this software and add them here.

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