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Text User Interface

The user interface uses swig and tcl to parse the user commands. The definitions for the parameter classes are contained in NssParameters.i. During the build process a .cpp wrapper is generated, that will start a tcl interpreter to read the user input and process it with the functions specified for the parameter classes. There are 8 subsystem in SonATA. Each one has its own parameter set and immediate commands which are defined in the Subsystem Parameters.cpp files. The NssParameter Class contains the parameters for each of the Subsystems.

SSE/seeker help

help all - displays help for all subsystems

help <subsystem> - displays help for the given subsystem:

act (activity)
arch (archiver)
channel (channelizer)
control (component control)
db (database)
dx (detection module)
sched (scheduler)
tscope (telescope & RF control)

help misc - displays the misc. commands

The subsystem control is split into two parts, Parameter Commands and Immediate commands:

help param - overview of subsystem parameter control help immed - overview of subsystem immediate commands

SonATA Parameters

There are 4 class types for parameters: range, choice, any value, and multiple choice. The parameter file for each subsystem defines the parameter names and assigns the units, description, default value. For the range parameters, the minimum and maximum of the range are defined. For the choice parameters, the 2 choices are defined. For multiple choice parameters, all the choices are added to a list.

There is a global copy of the parameter set that is initialized with all the default parameter values. As the user changes parameter values, the global parameter set is updated. When a "start" command is issued the global parameter set is copied into the Strategy itself and will be used for all Activities in that Strategy. To effect a change in a parameter value, the Strategy must be stopped and restarted.

Subsystem Parameter Commands

While the subsystems each have different parameters, they all share the same commands for setting, displaying, and otherwise manipulating their parameters.

The parameter manipulation commands are: <subsystem> <command with arguments, if any>

where <command> is one of

default Set all parameters to their default values
help Print this subsystem's help info
isvalid Verify that all subsystem parameters are valid
save <filename> Save subsystem parameters to file
set <parameter> <value> [<current, default, min, max>=current] Set the current, default, minimum or maximum value of a parameter
show [<parameter>=all] [<current, default, min, max>=current] Show all subsystem parameters


act set targetbeam1 5122 Sets the observing target to targetId 5122 on beam1
dx set length 195 Sets the observation length to 195 seconds
dx show Displays current, default, min, and max values for all dx parameters
dx default Restore the default dx parameter settings

The parameter values that are changed in the user interface do not take affect until the next 'start' activity command is issued.

Subsystem Immediate Commands

The general immediate command format is:

<subsystem> <command> [ < name | 'all' > ] These commands are sent to the subsystem immediately. The results of the commands will appear in the user interface window or a status window as soon they are available.


dx stop dx7 - stop the activities running on dx7
dx stop all - stop the activities on all the attached dxs

Miscellaneous Commands

These commands are not associated with a subsystem and the formats vary.


start obs - start a new observation activity
stop - stop the currently running activities


~/SonATA/sse-pkg/sse/NssParameterstcl_wrap.cpp (generated by make from NssParameters.i, NssParameterstcl.i, tclsh.i)
~/SonATA/sse-pkg/sse/IfcParameters.cpp [Obsolete]
~/SonATA/sse-pkg/sse/IfcParameters.h [Obsolete]
~/SonATA/sse-pkg/sse/TestSigParameters.cpp [Obsolete]
~/SonATA/sse-pkg/sse/TestSigParameters.h [Obsolete]
~/SonATA/sse-pkg/sse/IfcImmedCmds.cpp [Obsolete]
~/SonATA/sse-pkg/sse/IfcImmedCmds.h [Obsolete]
~/SonATA/sse-pkg/sse/TestSigImmedCmds.cpp [Obsolete]
~/SonATA/sse-pkg/sse/TestSigImmedCmds.h [Obsolete]

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