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This is a list of wiki things that need to get done. When a task is complete please strike it out.

Server enhancements

Drupal migration

A list of pages from the old miserable Drupal wiki that still need to be migrated over to the new wonderful MediaWiki. Just don't copy pages over, be smart, think about the overall wiki structure. When a page is migrated over please strike it out and add a link to the new page.

All of these pages might not need to be migrated. Some are incorrect, out of data, or obsolete. Use the Talk:TODO page to discuss this.

For the wiki migration I recommend moving the existing Drupal wiki to the oldwiki/ directory and then moving the new wikitest/ MediaWiki to the directory. The switch has been done. All pages of significance have been migrated.

The old Drupal wiki is accessible here

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