Site and Proxies

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Site and Proxies

The Site Class keeps track of all the system components that are not part of the seeker module, i.e. components that build and execute independently of the seeker. All communication is through TCP/IP sockets. The default port numbers are defined in sse-pkg/include/ssePorts.h. The Site reads the expected SonATA Components configuration file (controlcomponents.expect) that was set up by the env-vars script. The Site opens ports to accept connections from the various components. The Accept Handlers are ACE_Event_Handlers. When a component connects, the Site starts a Component Manager or Proxy that will handle all communication between the seeker and that component. The Site also maintains the status of all the components and writes a one line status report for each component to the file ~/sonata_archive/templogs/sse-system-status.txt. There is a window that does a tail on this file when the system is running. The Site keeps track of when the last status update was and checks if there were changes since the last update. It will only update the system status if there have been changes and at least a second has elapsed since the last update.



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