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Explorer-HTML5 Project


The goal of this project is to convert the functionality of the setiQuest Explorer app into an HTML5 app. The current, original, and only version of the setiQuest Explorer app is written in Flex, which requires a Flash client to run on the targeted devices. iPhones do not have the ability to run Flash.

All of us involved in the project will have to work out how setiQuest Explorer interacts with the server. We will need to research this and document.

Project Members


Due to the popularity of iPhones we would like to port the Explorer functionality over to HTML5. The targets are:

It is assumed that if we get a version working on any one of these targets, the conversion to the other targets (hopefully just tweaks) will be minimal.

setiQuest Explorer Research

We will all need to research the setiQuest Explorer client and server code to determine how they interact. We will need to document this interaction.

The source code and necessary resources are downloadable from


The non-desktop versions will be released as an app so it can be distributed in the Apple app store or the Android market place. Phonegap is the tool that we will use to wrap the HTML5 into an application. For more information about Phonegap see


JQuery and JQuery Mobile will be used to make the HTML5 app look like an actual native app, as much as possible. For more information about JQuery Mobile see

Project Steps

Here are some immediate things to do to get us all started:


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