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Seeker Module

The Seeker (SSE) module starts up and initializes all the threads that compose the SSE that will schedule and control the observing. Seeker starts up a thread for the TCL command parser, the text User interface. The UI first reads the ~/.sserc.tcl file if it exists. If not, then it uses ~/sonata_install/scripts/.sserc.tcl for initialization. Also seeker starts up the Site, and the Scheduler. The seeker initializes the Scheduler by creating a factory map that defines the strategy name and the function to be used to start up the strategy for each available strategy type. Similarly for each activity type, the seeker creates a factory map that defines the activity type, the function to start up the activity, and whether the activity uses targets or not. The functions that initialize an activity are found in ActivityWrapper.cpp. Also, the sequence of followup activities is defined, i.e. which activity type follows if there are unresolved candidates. The seeker waits in an event loop until the system exits.


~/SonATA/sse-pkg/sse/NssParameterstcl_wrap.cpp (generated by make from NssParameters.i, NssParameterstcl.i, tclsh.i)

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