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There is only one instance of the Scheduler. The parameters for the Scheduler are defined in SchedulerParameters.cpp. The parameters are set to default values as defined in this file. The user may change the values of the parameters from the user interface. The Scheduler strategy and activity factory maps are initialized by the Seeker Module. The Scheduler sets a timer to wake up every 10 seconds to request an update to the system status. The Scheduler rewrites the database name and host to file ~/sonata_archive/templogs/system-config.txt when a new strategy is started. This file is used by the Web Interface to get the database that is currently being used. The Scheduler also writes a list of the active and pending strategies and activities in file ~/sonata_archive/templogs/system-status-summary.txt. The Scheduler begins processing when the user issues a "start obs", "start tasks", or a "start <task>[,<task>,...]" command. "start tasks" executes the list of strategies that was defined by the "sched set tasks" command. The default list of tasks is "obs" (observation). For observing with the telescope the task list includes all the strategies to select, initialize, and calibrate the antennas and beamformers -- autoselectants, prepants, bfreset, bfautoatten, bfinit, caldelay, calphase, calfreq, obs.

To start a strategy, the Scheduler looks up the strategy name in its table to find the appropriate function to startup the Strategy. The Strategy is initialized with the scheduler address, the site address and the current parameter set. Note: Parameters changed in the UI will not change parameters for the running strategy and any of its activities. The Scheduler starts the Strategy and keeps a queue of running and pending strategies. It also maintains a queue of the running activities. When a strategy completes, the Scheduler will start the next strategy in the queue. If the queue is empty, the Scheduler waits for the next "start" command.



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