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Matlab / Octave Algorithms Prototypes

Here are some prototype programs to analyze setiQuest data or even

At the start of the Algorithms project we developed prototype Octave code to perform power spectral and autocorrelation analysis of setiQuest Data. If you prefer Matlab code, this code will run almost as is, with only a few syntax changed.

Two toolsets:



If you download this programs,you can run them directly on setiQuest data. We're sorry that the documentation is weak (practically nonexistent. The SQDataToolkit.m file is just a library so just keep it in the same directories as the programs. If you try to execute Autocorrelation.m or PowerSpectrum.m without any command line parameters, you will see some hints on what to supply. The other alternative is to read the code.

It would be great if an Octave / Matlab savvy volunteer would be willing to provide more documentation and examples of how to use these tools. They've both been extensively tested on 100's of data sets and most of the bugs are worked out. The programs are pretty simple in a high-level language like Octave.

For those lovers of Matlab, it should be straightforward to to change syntax here and there and run these programs almost without change. If someone does this, we ask that you please add your revised code to this page, just below the Octave codes. That would be very helpful.

If you do anything useful with these routines, please let us know!

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