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General Guidelines for setiQuest Open Source Projects

This is a preliminary list; if you have ideas for change or post a comment at Talk:General_Guidelines.


General Philosophy

  1. Staged delivery.
  2. Radical transparency.
  3. Quality consciousness.
  4. Open development.
  5. Following processes sets common expectations.

Project/Feature Planning and Delivery

  1. Understand what is to be done.
  2. Define what you are doing about it.
  3. Create/modify architecture, high-level-design, rough plan.
  4. Define number of stages, and what is to be achieved in each stage.

Transparency Tools

  1. Project wiki for documenting all decisions, features etc.
  2. Feel free to add and link new pages for new issues.
  3. Talk page on wiki for all discussions related to that page.
  4. Please follow our wiki editing policies.
  5. All bugs in Ask if you need a new project.
  6. Major changes only after #setiQuest IRC discussion.

Quality Processes

  1. Unit test.
  2. Code tracing.
  3. Technical review - architecture design, code.
  4. Post-integration testing.

Open development

  1. All code on GitHub.

Other Process Steps

  1. Follow Coding Standards.
  2. Record the amount of effort on each task, to benefit those who come after you.
  3. Easier to record effort if tasks are 0/1 (unless it is 100% done, consider it 0% done).
  4. Document - both in-line, in the wiki, and if needed, external.
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