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Environmental Variables script

The environmental variable scripts define the physical configuration of the SonATA system. There is a great deal of flexibility in how the system is configured.

The definitions are done by setting environmental variables that are later referenced by scripts and C++ programs. The parameters for the Channelizers and DXs are defined as well as the physical hosts on which they will run. These scripts also assign the channelizers and DXs to the appropriate beams and polarizations. This configuration is mirrored in an expected components file that is read by the Site (see below). A switchConfigFile scripts is called to copy the matching configuration file into expected components filename. The appropriate env-vars file must be sourced before starting the system.

Example env-vars files:

Demo -- 1 beam, single polarization, 1 dx processing 400 KHz


Observing system -- 3 beams, dual polarization, 72 dxs (24 per beam), each dx processes 800 KHz bandwidth.


SetiQuest Replay -- 1 beam, single polarization, 12 dxs:


Example Switch Config Files:



Observing System:


SetiQuest Replay:


Example Expected Components Configuration Files will be copied to ~/sonata_install/setup/expectedSonATAComponents.cfg



Observing System:


SetiQuest Replay:


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