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Activity Units

An Activity Unit communicates with its parent Activity and the DxProxy for the DX process to which it has been assigned. There is an Activity Unit for each DX process. An Activity Unit persists only as long as the one Activity it is a part of. The DxProxy persists as long the the DX process is running. The DxProxy will only terminate on a fatal error in the DX process or on a shutdown or reset socket command. The DxProxy can communicate with two Activity Units at a time -- one Activity being in Data Collection and the other in Signal Detection. The Activity Unit receives the Baseline and Waterfall Data from the DX during the observation and writes it to a temporary file to be used for ongoing Data Displays. The file is overwritten every observation.

These data are stored in ~/sonata_archive/confirmdata. The data are also written to a permanent file along with summaries of the candidates and signals and the input parameters of the observation. The permanent data is stored in ~sonata_archive/YYYY-MM-DD/actN.



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